Colby – 1 Month Old

Today was Colby’s 1 month birthday.  As it happens, her one month birthday is only five days past her original due date and if I had gone to term and maybe a little overdue she could have still been baking.  She’s changing so much, so fast, and I’m trying to enjoy everything about this time.

Here’s a camera phone pic I took today.  I didn’t end up taking pictures of her in her onesie until later in the day and haven’t had time to rotate/edit them so this is the best of what I have.

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  1. Nanny says:

    This is the most beautiful child I can”t believe she looks so fulled out .
    I can not hardly wait until I can see everyone and Brady thanks for the thank you card that will always be treasured.
    Brady guess what. The Easter Rabbit will be sending you something in the mail soon.

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