Colby 4 Months

Colby’s now 4 months old and I don’t know where time is going.  How is she already so big?!  I swear she’s growing faster and time is going by faster than it did with Brady.

Colby had her 4 month well child check appointment last Wednesday and the doctor was really pleased with how she’s doing.  She’s hit all of her milestones so far and continues to impress the doctors with her feats of strength.  Before turning 4 months old she mastered rolling over from her back to tummy and I’m just waiting for her to start crawling because of how she pushes off when doing tummy time.  Super strong, this one.

And the stats…

  • Weight: 13 pounds 13 ounces (50th percentile, down from 75th at 2 months)
  • Length: 23.5 inches (25th percentile, same as 2 months)
  • Head Circumference: 40.7 centimeters (50th percentile, up from 25th at 2 months)

Of course a well child check also means shots.  Colby took the Rotavirus vaccine really well this time and swallowed it all down with the bare minimum coming out of her mouth.  Anything was an improvement over her 2 month appointment where she projectile vomited her Rotavirus vaccine and the contents of her stomach all over the poor nurse.  The first shot she recovered from well but the second took a bit of soothing before she calmed down completely.  Brady said, “Uh oh, Colby’s crying again.”   Yes, but with good reason this time.

Colby’s next well child check isn’t until 6 months (end of August) so hopefully we can avoid any other visits until then.  After trying and not tolerating Prevacid, she’s been on Prilosec since her 4 month appointment and it seems to be working much better than before.  I’m sure part of it is she’s growing and maturing but the medication just seems to agree with her more as well.  I can only thing of one time in the last month that she’s had a projectile episode and those were happening 1-3 times a day between 2 weeks and 4 months, so definite marked improvement.

Since she was so fussy and miserable (with diapers that resembled those having a milk protein intolerance), the doctor suggested I go off dairy and I was off of the main forms of dairy for 3 months and even hidden forms (like in processed foods – chips, etc) for 2.5 months.  After being on the Prilosec for a month and her vomiting episodes decreasing, I decide to start slowly adding dairy into my diet again and see what happened.  Since she had been off of it for so long, the effects should have been seen immediately.  Surprisingly, we didn’t really notice a change so now I’m not entirely sure, but I’m leaning towards her not ever having had a milk protein intolerance.

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  1. Dana says:

    She’s so precious!

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