Brady’s First Day of Preschool

Brady started her day of preschool today at a local Christian church.  She went to a couple of three day camps there this summer and she finally moved off the waiting list a few weeks ago and is officially in.

This is such a bittersweet day for me.  Brady has been so excited about going when we talk about preschool, her teacher, friends, and the things she’ll do there but when I dropped her off she got so sad and started crying.  I feel so bad for her that she feels so scared and such apprehension.  She did so well at her first camp that I took her to there but after taking her to a different camp in between (and getting sick there and asking to go home) she had a much more difficult time for the second camp.

I’m hopeful that once she gets comfortable and sees this is going to be a permanent part of our routine that she’ll be happier and more secure.  Thankfully she was placed with the same teacher, in the same room, and with her best buddy (Cash).  I’m optimistic that by having that consistency she’ll be much more excited and happy to go to preschool.  Unless something changes, she’ll be going to preschool every Tuesday and Thursday from 9a-1p and then we’ll probably put her in everyday preschool next year to prep her for kindergarten.

This pic is from before we got to school this morning.  She was so happy to be wearing her backpack again and going to preschool.  So much so she’d didn’t want me to say the word preschool and she told me, “Don’t say that, I need to say preschool.”  My dad went to a conference last week in California and brought her back some swag – two of her favorites are a monkey she named Millard and a frog she named Fillmore.  She took Fillmore to school to keep her company so hopefully that’ll give her a little more security too since this is the first time I’ve allowed her to take a toy to school.

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2 Responses to Brady’s First Day of Preschool

  1. Dana says:

    Yea!!! She’s so beautiful. I hope this year is a raging success!

  2. Nana says:

    Nana’s girl/princess is such a big, beautiful girl and I’m sure she will be a great preschool success! Nana and Papa are soooo proud of her!

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