Brady has SO many toys, mainly in part to my parents saving all (or most) of my childhood toys.  Out of the Care Bears, trolls, and everything else – her favorite is a Burger King kid’s meal toy.  Marge Simpson is her go to toy.  She has to have her with her to sleep at night and if we don’t bring her with us in public (which is usually the case), Brady asks about her or where she is.  And if Brady knows she’s in the truck, we have to go get her or she’ll have a meltdown.  She’s also fond of the rest of the family but for the longest time Homer has been buried under stuffed animals in her room and we didn’t know where he was (I don’t even know if she remembers having him).  But as soon as I dug him out, she started carrying him around and even took him to bed with her.  Along with Marge, of course.

Marge is in desperate need of a bath right now and I’ve been debating putting her in the washing machine but haven’t done so yet.  I’ve been worried that something will happen and the small hole (thanks, Kiley 😉 will grow and Marge will be no more.  After watching Toy Story 3 for the twentieth time yesterday (although, it might be more) I started talking to Casey about the blessing and the curse of playing with vintage toys.  The curse being it’s not something easily replaceable if it’s lost or destroyed.  Thank goodness for the internet and eBay!  I went on last night and got her a backup Marge (just Marge for now) in case something happens just to thwart any meltdowns.  She’s so funny about these dolls, it’s not like she’s ever even seen the show.  I guess there are worse things she could be obsessed with…

Photos courtesy of Meredith – she did a great job catching the always busy, Brady while we were at The Saucer!

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  1. Mom says:

    Brady and her Marge…she is so funny about her toys but it’s just the way way kids are! I’m glad I saved your toys for her…it seems as if it really paid off(or not)depending on how you look at it. If it weren’t Marge, it would be some other toy so why not one of her mommy’s!
    Vintage toys, clothes, cars, etc. always have a way of making it back in several years anyway so I’m glad she’s enjoying them!!! Love Cakes bunches!!!!!

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