Headaches, Headaches, Go Away!

I went to the doctor Tuesday to be seen about my headaches.  They’ve been recurring since the beginning of the year and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what’s triggering them.  Other than the ocular migraine, I don’t think I’ve had any other migraines but when I took an Imitrex, it was ineffective.  I ended up just going to the same family doctor I’ve been going through even though I have issues with her since she already had my MRI and if I went some place new they might try to order a new one and I just don’t have the money for that.

The doctor didn’t give me a diagnosis but said that headaches are caused by three things – stress, stress, and stress.  Not exactly helpful.  As opposed to starting a new prescription when it’s possible we could get pregnant sometime in the upcoming months, she suggested I started magnesium oxide 500mg, twice a day.  She said there were other things she could prescribe but none are safe in pregnancy.  So I’m going to try this for now.  If the magnesium doesn’t work, she wants me to see a neurologist (who I’m sure would order another expensive battery of tests that will find nothing).  I really don’t understand the rationale of sending me to a neurologist and for all of these tests when she could do a little research and see there are medications that could be used safely in pregnancy and a neurologist most likely will just end up prescribing one of those things along with a much higher office visit bill.

I’ve also been wearing my mouth guard again at night.  It’s only been two days, but each day gets a little better.  I still feel sore at my temples (I think I suffer from chronic tension headaches) but overall things are much more bearable now than they were a few days ago.

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  1. Nana says:

    Poor baby! I used to have a lot of headaches 2 but as I got older they got better and now that I think about it…they put me on Inderal and that seemed to help some. But had to go off that because it interacted with dental anesthesia. Bummer! Hope yours get better!
    Love seeing you guys more since we moved to SA.

  2. Nicky says:

    Sorry about the headaches…mine are hormonal, through and through. I learned the pattern and just try to deal. My BCP helps…now I only get them every 3 months instead of every 3 weeks.

    Debbie…”moved to SA”??

    ~Nicky, your other-out-of-the-loop-daughter haha

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