2011 Resolutions – Month 3

How is it already March?  I feel so old saying things like that.  Growing up, I used to hear adults say that time goes by so fast and not wish for it to move any faster because it’ll be here before you know it.  I didn’t believe them at the time.  I wanted to skip the boring stuff and get right to the good, grown up stuff.  Now that I’m here, I know exactly what all of those people were talking about.  So here we in March and I’m just baffled two months of the year have already come and gone.

To keep myself accountable for my resolutions, I’m going to do a monthly progress report.  I read something during the holidays that the best way to write up resolutions (or goals, if you don’t like the word resolution) is to split it up into four parts – personal, family, home, and finances.  Here’s how I’m doing on my resolutions three months later.
  1. Run a 5k.  Done! 
  2. Stop biting my nails.  Fail – I haven’t even tried.
  3. Make my blog successful and start hosting giveaways.  I think the making my blog successful part will always be a work in progress.  I’m kind of baffled by all of the giveaways I have already hosted and have planned – exciting stuff!
  4. Win more giveaways.  This one isn’t working out so well.  I won way more giveaways in December than January and February when I did my Giveaway Challenge combined.  Entering giveaways takes a lot of work but you definitely get rewarded!
  1. Potty train Cakes.  I haven’t even started.  She’s still really only interested in standing in her potty or wearing it on her head.  I’m not entirely sure she’s ready but it’s still a goal.
  2. Get pregnant again and have a full-term fatty.  This is still a work in progress too.  I *finally* got my blood work results back and all is well.  No red flags were found.
  3. Plan at least one vacation.  Dates still haven’t been decided but we talk about our beach vacation all the time, so I don’t think we’ll be backing out of this one.
  4. Socialize more.  We actually socialized quite a bit more than I originally thought.  We went to a monthly dinner with about a dozen friends and their kids, a baby shower, and another party last Saturday.  Good times!  This is definitely an ongoing thing for a couple of introverted homebodies!
  1. Stick to a cleaning schedule.  I was so not consistent with this one in February.  I need to get back into it though.  The weather is starting to warm up and the bugs are out.
  2. Stain the fence.  Tax refund money has been deposited, now just waiting on my husband to get some time off from work.
  3. Get gutters installed.  I need to start getting estimates on this one.  I’d really like my husband to be here when they’re done though, so that might take some planning.
  4. Fence the entire property.  Again, this has to wait until my husband schedules some time off.  He’s getting ready to hit the cap for his PTO (again, he hit it in December too) so hopefully these will be checked off next month.
  1. Purchase a new to us car.  Done! 
  2. Pay off car as quickly as possible.  We’ve decided not to pay it off as quickly as possible since we’ll be using our tax refund to do some things around the house.  It’s not paid off yet but I did make five months worth of payments in February so we’re a little ahead of the game.
  3. Get all legal wills and documents in place.  They’re all printed and ready to be notarized but are still in the envelope.
  4. Open Cakes a 529.  Done! 
Did you make New Year’s resolutions?  How are you doing on keeping yours?!
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