Trip to the Circus 2011

Sunday night we took Cakes to the circus for the first time!  Between family and friends there ended up being 15 people in our group and while the night started out hectic trying to locate everyone, we ended up having a great time!  It was also the first time my 71 year old grandpa and 66 year old grandma had ever been to the circus as well!  It was so much fun seeing everyone experience the circus for the first time and it was a really enjoyable experience for everyone.

My parents took me to see the circus when I was about 13 so I had gone before but didn’t remember it.  The only thing that stood out in my mind from that first visit were the elephants and tightrope walkers.  It really was amazing to see the feats these performers are capable of and the intelligence of the exotic animals.  I think the elephants and a guy balancing upside down with only his palm on another guy’s head were my favorite parts.

Cakes wasn’t particularly interested in the circus itself.  She really liked the hat my parents bought her, the nachos, and the lights.  I really don’t even think she noticed the elephants or anything else.  She made it to intermission without freaking out and when we went back for the second half, she ended up watching Sesame Street: Abby in Wonderland on my phone for the rest of the show.

Have you been to the circus?  What was your favorite part?

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